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Harry Cleverdon
A Modern Pop Singer-Songwriter, Recording Artist and Captivating Live Performer
Harry Cleverdon | Singer-Songwriter

At just 21 years old, Harry Cleverdon has already made waves in the music industry as a dynamic and fresh-faced Pop singer-songwriter. Hailing from the picturesque regional NSW town of Young, Harry's journey started in rural Australia, but his journey as an artist has transcended boundaries, embracing the modern music world with ease. Today he is already an accomplished songwriter and experienced standout performer!


Although his career is just beginning, Cleverdon is carving his path in the musical landscape. The self-produced powerhouse with a gift for storytelling, captivates an incredibly wide range of audiences. His signature style features finely crafted and poignant lyrics, which are elevated by his irresistible vocals and underscored by captivating melodies. His music is a mesmerizing blend of modern pop sensibilities with a timeless appeal.


At only 19, Harry won the International Songwriting Competition (USA), claiming the coveted People's Voice Category, now a true testament to his exceptional songwriting. And while his musical journey may have begun in a small rural town, his evolution into the recording artist he is today has been nothing short of remarkable. He's graced stages alongside renowned artists like Troy Cassar-Daley and Isaiah Firebrace, cementing his place in the industry. Harry's accolades include being crowned the 'Champion' of the National Busking Championships and receiving national critical acclaim for his debut EP/Album and subsequent Single releases.


In an era where music knows no borders, Harry is part of a new generation of Australian musicians making a resounding impact not only in their homeland but across the world. His streaming numbers, already surpassing a quarter of a million, continue to climb as he ‘strikes a chord’ (pun intended) with listeners worldwide.


While 2020 and 2021 brought about career interruptions due to the global pandemic, Harry Cleverdon didn't miss a beat. He spent the time honing his craft, writing and recording a treasure trove of new music that he's excited to share with the world in 2023-24. Be ready! Because more catchy melodies, relatable lyrics, and fresh sounds are only around the corner!


As Harry continues to make his mark on the music industry, there's no doubt that he's a rising star! His transition from a naturally gifted performer at age six to the accomplished artist he is today has been a testament to his dedication. Stay tuned for more of his infectious tunes and heartfelt storytelling. The best is yet to come from this young singer-songwriter!

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